Marketing & Sales

What keeps a business ahead and distinguished from its competitors? It is the effectiveness of marketing and sales functions. In this digital era, everyone has got hands on unbiased information so the key to attracting a target audience is how specialized and effective is the marketing, branding and sales strategy.

Let us help you in easing out this chapter for you with experience, understanding and prowess in Marketing & Sales.

How can consultiq products improve the Marketing & Sales function?

The primary target for any business should be to build a brand that inspires loyalty and drives revenue. Our experts can advise on how to create brand and customer strategy to create an emotional connection with customers by providing them with a positive, personal experience.

Product and portfolio management is the strategic process of defining and managing a product or service to satisfy business objectives. Our expertise covers all aspects of marketing, creation, pricing, positioning and promotion of a product or services in the marketplace.

Every business should proactively optimize the prices of products and services, based on factors such as demand and competition. Experts at Consultiq combine artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science to advise on most ideal pricing for your products/ services

The go to market strategy is an important component of a company’s overall business strategy, since it determines how products or services will be sold. We help clients determine which are the most critical goals and how to map out the most effective way of getting there.

The goal of a great customer experience is singular: make satisfied customers who keep coming back to buy more. Our analysts and subject matter specialists can advise on experience optimization for customers

Defining the sales channels very well is the first step in boosting the sales itself. By combining industry-specific rules, workflows, and processes with expert knowledge and experience across this space, we advise you how to drive agility and revenue growth through optimized sales channels.

Digital marketing helps businesses find and engage with customers online through SEO, social media, digital display advertising, content marketing and mobile advertising. Digital Marketing specialists can evaluate your current strategy and advise on best possible improvements.

Customer acquisition cost, or CAC, is a measurement of the expense involved in bringing a new customer into the company. CAC must be carefully assessed and monitored to ensure maximum, sustainable profitability.

More Functions served
Digital Tranformation

Let us help you reach new heights of success by empowering your business through designing and redesigning your digital transformation journey.

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People Management

We specialize in capacity building and enhancement programs formulation to reaffirm that your business is equipped with the right talent in the right place at the right time.

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Finance & CONTROLS

We help our clients by digging deep into different functions within the Finance & Controlling environment and formulating and implementing best suited solutions.

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Innovation Strategy

We strive at creating the most suitable, tailored strategy for each one of our clients which is guaranteed to result in inculcation of innovation in every step of the way.

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Family Business

This step involves identifying the critical business problems that need to be solved through the assignment.

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Consultiq is well versed with the problems facing many companies in today’s dynamic and challenging business environment. We take pride in solving complex business situations for our clients and clearing their path to excel and succeed.

We are very excited to work with you and write a success story. Let’s connect today and see how Consultiq can assist you in a wide range of functions within your business.