Family Business

Family businesses often face challenges such as lack of succession, leadership and management issues, complex governance structures, leadership transitions, ineffective communications among key stakeholders, ineffective strategic planning and more.

Our mission is to empower family businesses. We do this by providing the expertise, knowledge, and support to create a sustainable future for all family members.

How can consultiq products improve the Family Business function?

Succession and continuity planning is an essential part of a company’s strategic business plan. With the right planning and implementation, a company can ensure smooth transitions for leadership and key positions within their organization.

Strengthening the family business ownership alignment by defining the rights, roles and responsibilities of each member.

The next generation – the owners of today’s family businesses – are poised to take their companies in new directions and create even greater value for all stakeholders. Let us help you in the transition process to ensure smooth and effective results.

Strategic planning is important for family businesses. We help you understand the strengths and weaknesses, consider the future direction for your business, consider new opportunities or threats, and how to get there.

Family businesses face unique challenges when it comes to policy creation. It’s important to take a strategic approach when building policies that will last. Our experts support the process of creating, agreeing and implementing family values, rules and procedures that guide operations.

More Functions served
Digital Tranformation

Let us help you reach new heights of success by empowering your business through designing and redesigning your digital transformation journey.

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People Management

We specialize in capacity building and enhancement programs formulation to reaffirm that your business is equipped with the right talent in the right place at the right time.

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Finance & CONTROLS

We help our clients by digging deep into different functions within the Finance & Controlling environment and formulating and implementing best suited solutions.

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Marketing & Sales

Let us help you in easing out this chapter for you with experience, understanding and prowess in Marketing & Sales.

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Innovation Strategy

We strive at creating the most suitable, tailored strategy for each one of our clients which is guaranteed to result in inculcation of innovation in every step of the way.

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Consultiq is well versed with the problems facing many companies in today’s dynamic and challenging business environment. We take pride in solving complex business situations for our clients and clearing their path to excel and succeed.

We are very excited to work with you and write a success story. Let’s connect today and see how Consultiq can assist you in a wide range of functions within your business.