Finance & Controls Management

Struggling to improve your bottom-line? It sounds simple but includes a lot of dots to be joined to come up with the list of problems. What is even more difficult? The solution to those problems.

We help our clients by digging deep into different functions within the Finance & Controlling environment and formulating and implementing best suited solutions.

How can consultiq products improve the Finance & Controls Management function?

The program focuses on continuous improvement in finance operations and improvement in productivity, control and profitability.

Financial risk management is the process of identifying, quantifying, prioritizing, and managing risks that may cause loss of value to the organization

Your business needs to grow – and we can help you get there. Our services are designed to deliver growth that’s sustainable, measurable, and realistic.

Make sure your business is on target with these tools for forecasting sales, expenses and assets. Our expertise to create budgets and forecasts helps in making the best possible decisions.

A financial control environment covers 3 key areas: internal controls, external controls, and responsibility accounting. Let our experts design the most suitable control environment for your business.

Corporate finance is the practical application of financial analysis to the process of decision-making within organizations. We can help you with complex problems related to capital structure, expansion strategy, optimal capital cost and return maximization.

 The investor relations strategy defines the way organizations communicate with shareholders, analysts and investors. We’re committed to adding value through designing communication plans and sharing valuable insights.

More Functions served
Digital Tranformation

Let us help you reach new heights of success by empowering your business through designing and redesigning your digital transformation journey.

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People Management

We specialize in capacity building and enhancement programs formulation to reaffirm that your business is equipped with the right talent in the right place at the right time.

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Marketing & Sales

Let us help you in easing out this chapter for you with experience, understanding and prowess in Marketing & Sales.

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Innovation Strategy

We strive at creating the most suitable, tailored strategy for each one of our clients which is guaranteed to result in inculcation of innovation in every step of the way.

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Family Business

This step involves identifying the critical business problems that need to be solved through the assignment.

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Consultiq is well versed with the problems facing many companies in today’s dynamic and challenging business environment. We take pride in solving complex business situations for our clients and clearing their path to excel and succeed.

We are very excited to work with you and write a success story. Let’s connect today and see how Consultiq can assist you in a wide range of functions within your business.