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Consultiq is a complete solution to your problems. We believe in inclusivity and therefore work not as advisor but as part of your team to make sure you reach your goals in most timely and effective manner.


Owing to our years of experience in uplifting and formulating problem solving solutions for Businesses of different sizes, our experts at Consultiq are now aiming to extend our services to a number of companies to discover and operate their full potential.

What we Do

It goes without saying that “no one is perfect”. We are here help you to identify exactly the factor(s) which are hindering your success and achievement of desired goals.

After doing extensive research, we formulate the most ideal solution or alternate strategies. We work on each client based on their specific situation and position with a highly tailored approach.

We don’t only provide the solution to our; we actually implement it hands-on. Working as part of our clients’ team, we make sure that our solutions are implemented most effectively.

Our continuous support to our clients lets them focus more on creating further strategic opportunities instead of spending energy into the tactical and operational business proceedings.

Problem Identification

Business Solution

Solution Implement

Continous Support



We have drafted a Questionnaire for Business Owners and Managers to self-evaluate their business areas. The questions are based on best practices of successful companies around the world.

You are invited to have a look into the questions which will give you an insight about where your organization’s strengths are and identify the areas where more attention might be required.


Consultiq is well versed with the problems facing many companies in today’s dynamic and challenging business environment. We take pride in solving complex business situations for our clients and clearing their path to excel and succeed.

We are very excited to work with you and write a success story. Let’s connect today and see how Consultiq can assist you in a wide range of functions within your business.